The Most Niche Blog Ever.

You might be thinking: “What the hell is this?” and to be fair you’d have a point. This is literally the first thing I’ve written so its probably best to start with an introduction eh?

I’d very much like to think of myself as a movie person. I love ’em. I’ve watched a stupid amount of movies over the years, and I own over 500 on DVD. Like I said. Obsessed. However, in June 2017, Empire Magazine, published their list of the 100 Greatest Movies. As a reader of the magazine and a lover of movies, I thought: “why not check it out? See how many of my favourite films are on there?” Which was when I realised that for all the movies I’ve seen, there is a gaping hole in my movie education. There are so many films that “everyone has seen” that I simply haven’t. So armed with a lot time on my hands, and my brother’s Netflix account, I’ve decided to fill the void.

This blog thing is just a fun thing to do on the side, I’m going to watch all the films, (Hopefully) and maybe some optional extras, and I’m going to post a micro review of each one. This is more an exercise to help my understanding of film but if people want to read my muddled thoughts, awesome!


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